What the Tory Party mean to me and why some working people vote for them

My thoughts on what the Tory Party mean to me can be summed up in two words – Unbridled Greed.

The think they are naturally superior and so deserve a far bigger slice of the cake than the plebs. They remind me of that incredibly annoying advert where the girl says ‘Because I’m Worth it!’

Why do some working people vote for them? I am told it’s aspiration. They aspire to be rich and earn millions.

I think that’s partly true. I see it like the daft American Dream – they are happy being poor and exploited, being shafted on pay so that they live in squalid conditions, because, one day, they hope to be the one doing the exploiting. It’s a bit like slaves aspiring to be slave owners.

It’s a view I find repulsive.

In my view the cake is big enough for us all to have a great share if it was spread more evenly.

Back in the day when men and women were fighting and dying for the right to vote, the Tory Establishment thought they would never stand a chance of being voted into power. They only represented 5% of the population. What they quickly did was take over the media and brainwash the population.

I think that working people vote Tory because they are told to. They are told that a socialist alternative would be like Stalinist Russia. The media are good at lying.

Voting Tory, in my mind, is an insult to the Suffragettes and Chartists who died to give us the vote.

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