Grand Robbers

Grand Robbers

Grand palaces,

                Magnificent castles.

Fabulous mansions.

                Crooked rascals.

Robber barons.

                Cruel Kings.

Stolen lands.

                Crowns and rings.

Evil empires.

                Rancid kingdoms.

Restrictive laws.

                Loss of freedoms.


                Gross disparity.

Parasitic rulers.

                Great depravity.

Opher – 1.1 2023

Always amazes me to see the loyal subjects flocking into the streets to catch a glimpse as royalty rides by.

Who are these people?

Long ago the land was free. Then came the robber barons with their hordes of clanking fiends. The killed, raped and stole. They seized ‘our’ land and parcelled it up for themselves and their friends. Land seized through pillaging.

That land, with its enormous income, was passed down through the generations.

Those robber barons still rule.

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