World’s apart – Tories and the rest of us! Solidarity with the Strikers.

These strikes haven’t come out of nowhere. For twelve years the Tories have imposed cuts on public services which have made work conditions worse and worse.

They have imposed austerity on all of us while giving huge sums to Tory donors and the wealthy.

Inequality has grown. We are now a land of extreme wealth and paupers.

The UK growth industries have been – breeding thousands of new millionaires, food banks, homeless and starving families.

The public services have been wrecked – the NHS, schools, councils and care system are on their knees.

People are working night and day to make ends meet and still ending up in debt while people like Baroness Mone walk off with millions for doing nothing!

The cost of living crisis (created by a disastrous Tory Brexit and enormous waste during Covid) has brought it to a head.

It’s time the workers were paid a fair wage and people like Baroness Mone and the other exploiters (including Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Rees-Mogg) were brought down to earth.

These lying, cheating, greedy pigs have no morality or compassion.

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