This Blog supports all the Public Worker Strikes!! (Just so’s you know).

After twelve years of Tory cuts and austerity Britain is totally broken. Nothing works.

These corrupt profiteers have robbed our nurses, doctors, teachers, posties and other public services to give millions to profiteering Tory donors like Baroness Mone.

They have broken Britain in order to give money to their rich chums. It’s time we put it right and kicked these sleazy, corrupt profiteers out of office forever!!


No wonder there’s no money left for nurses, teachers and workers!!

Quite apart from all those billions on VIP lane ‘donation’ to Tory donors – like Lady Mone.

The Department of Health has wasted a total of £15bn on unused personal protective equipment, Covid tests and vaccines, prompting heavy criticism from the Whitehall spending watchdog.

The department spent £8.9bn during 2020/21 and another £6bn last year on such supplies, including masks and gowns for NHS staff that have proved unuseable and are now being burned.

Those supplies included £1.5bn of PPE, £5.8bn of Covid-detecting lateral flow tests and PCR tests procured by the test-and-trace programme, £2.7bn worth of vaccines to fight the virus and £1.2bn of various drugs that hospitals used to treat patients.

The DHSC’s report also disclosed that it expects to spend £319m storing and disposing of PPE which is no longer needed and is of such poor quality that it is no use to frontline staff anyway.

In March last year it was still spending £24m a month storing the infection-preventing equipment, the NAO said.

Labour seized on the DHSC’s admissions and highlighted that Rishi Sunak was the chancellor of the exchequer during the two years that have caused such concern to the NAO.

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said the accounts showed that “the Conservatives can never again claim to be the careful stewards of the public finances”.

He added: “While Rishi Sunak had control of the purse strings, a staggering £15bn of public money was wasted on useless PPE – enough to fund the police force for an entire year. Instead, that money is now literally going up in smoke. Taxpayers will rightly judge the carelessness with which the Conservatives treat their money to be an absolute scandal.”

DHSC estimates that the value of PPE and other items bought in response to the pandemic has fallen by £6bn, and that it has spent £319m on storage and disposal.

Department of Health wasted £15bn on unused Covid supplies, watchdog finds | NHS | The Guardian

This blog supports are the underpaid strikers!! Working people deserve better!!

Strikes – Sunak lacking in empathy, compassion and understanding. Refusing to budge. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work!

Instead of talking to the unions to create a fair deal (following 12 years of Tory cuts and austerity) they are trying to turn public sympathy against the desperate strikers.

The public have more sense. They care. They know that these key workers have been shafted by this uncaring government.

It’s £29 million for Mone and nowt for starving nurses!

What a bunch of callous bastards these ministers are!!

World’s apart – Tories and the rest of us! Solidarity with the Strikers.

These strikes haven’t come out of nowhere. For twelve years the Tories have imposed cuts on public services which have made work conditions worse and worse.

They have imposed austerity on all of us while giving huge sums to Tory donors and the wealthy.

Inequality has grown. We are now a land of extreme wealth and paupers.

The UK growth industries have been – breeding thousands of new millionaires, food banks, homeless and starving families.

The public services have been wrecked – the NHS, schools, councils and care system are on their knees.

People are working night and day to make ends meet and still ending up in debt while people like Baroness Mone walk off with millions for doing nothing!

The cost of living crisis (created by a disastrous Tory Brexit and enormous waste during Covid) has brought it to a head.

It’s time the workers were paid a fair wage and people like Baroness Mone and the other exploiters (including Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Rees-Mogg) were brought down to earth.

These lying, cheating, greedy pigs have no morality or compassion.