The Troll from Trondheim won’t last forever!

Never mind! Putin will probably send a few nuclear devices to warm us up!!

I went to the fish and chip shop yesterday. It was open! They weren’t on strike!

Everybody else is!

I wish this bloody government were! (Although they might as well be – they don’t seem to be doing much about anything.)

I’ve just put the heating on! It’s bloody cold in here! I’m arranging a mortgage to cover the bill!

4 thoughts on “The Troll from Trondheim won’t last forever!

  1. Gotcha. In our sitting room, we have a modest open wood-burning fireplace. For longer than I can remember, we have bought half loads of well seasoned logs which would see us through a winter season. This year the firm is not allowed to deliver half loads, only full loads – some new government legislation – something to do with moisture content. What I don’t understand is the logs which make a half load are exactly the same logs as the logs that make a full load. Unfortunately, we just don’t have room to store a full load.


    1. Lol – you could pile the logs around the walls of the sitting room for added insulation? Failing that you could have them delivered to me.
      Our wood-burning stove is a godsend. I am still not totally convinced its very environmentally sound though. I find this sustainability argument rather suspect. Carbon dioxide is carbon dioxide no matter what you’re burning. But I do like heat!

      1. Opher, you’re starting to come round towards reality! 🙂 Heating your home is more important than any political crap like “sustainability” or “nett zero.”

      2. Lol Neil. Not in the long run it isn’t Neil. But there should be cheap, clean ways of doing it. What’s this breakthrough in fusion energy?
        Been working all day on the book. Finished it short while ago and sent it through. I’m knackered.

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