Pretending to be real

Pretending to be real

Only existing as electricity

Pulsing in patterns,

Responding to stimuli,

Pretending to be real.

We are a flow of energy,

Bursts of ions

Flooding circuits.

A kaleidoscope

Of fabricated feelings.

Nothing more.

Sight and sound,

Touch, taste and feel,

All an illusion,

A construct,

Connected to the world

Yet not

Capturing its true essence.

Only a pale impression


On the cortex

Of our imagination.

Opher – 10.12.2022

The world we see is far from real.

We have five senses that respond to a limited number of energies. They send electric pulses back to our brains. Our brains receive bursts of electricity, interpret the patterns and builds pictures in our heads of the world outside.

The world is nothing more than a construct of our imagination. It is not real.

If we had more senses to see other energies we would see a different world.

If we rigged our brains up to electric patterns it would create different images.

It is not real.

We each live in a universe of our own creation. It’s electric patterns in our brain, nothing more.

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