Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

An endless ocean,

                Spanning eternity,

                                Still and dreamy,

Crystalline in the darkness,

                Yet rushing,


                                                In slow motion

                                                                Ever outward

At unimaginable speeds.

                Towards the inevitable,


                Unending variety

                                Of transmuting



                All the dreams and wishes;

                                The hopes and fears,

That have ever been

                Or ever will be.

For a fleeting moment

                We are swept


                In its undulating tides


                All we are.

Opher – 10.12.2022

We are voyagers on a ship that is a lump of rock as it dreamily speeds through an endless journey across a fathomless void.

This sea has no shores.

This ship has no destination.

This ocean has no waters.

The reality is totally at odds to the impression.

What appears serene is really an unimaginable fury.

What appears to move so slowly we cannot see it change, is speeding at a rate we cannot even imagine.

It presents us with a never-ending stream of wonders.

Sit back and enjoy the trip.

4 thoughts on “Endless Ocean

    1. Tastes like it too!! I thought the theory was that all that water was brought in by asteroids crashing into the nascent planet? It could be a gob full of 5 billion year old space!

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