Tory WAR on Public Servants.

For twelve years the Tories have waged war on Public servants.

They have slashed services, cut pay and reduced working conditions.

The Cost of Living crisis has exposed the problem.

Our public servants, nurses, teachers, border staff, fire brigade, paramedics, ambulance service, police, civil servants and others have been backed into a corner. There are huge staff shortages which means their workload is through the roof.. They do not earn enough to support their family, put a roof over their heads, feed, clothe and keep warm.

The public servants are seen as parasites by the Tories.

They do not (directly) produce wealth – so they are viewed as second-class citizens.

The Public servants are not parasites. We saw that in the pandemic. Without a good NHS, education, police force, border control and civil service this country is buggered!!

Stop giving multi-million pound handouts to the wealthy and start paying working people properly.

The Tories don’t need them. They have their private health care. They use private security firms. They have private education. They live in gated communities. They travel first class.

The public services are for the plebs. The less they pay for them the better. The plebs are there to work for as near to nothing as possible, to be exploited and then conned into voting Tory by the tabloid press.

As for public services – who needs ’em?

I think the whole public sector should come together with other sympathetic workers and do a mass resignation. If all of those, recently deemed ESSENTIAL workers, were to walk away en masse we might just end up with a better, fairer, more equal society.

For twelve years we’ve had a Tory government stealing from the poor, needy and public services to give to the rich.

Most of that wealth is now in tax havens off-shore!

It’s time this was put right!

A general strike or a mass resignation!!


Without a good, well-resourced, well-paid public services this country is in a mess!! It won’t get right until we get out priorities right!

Stop reading the SUN, TELEGRAPH, MAIL, EXPRESS and TIMES!!! Lies and propaganda!

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