Billy Bragg – There is Power in a Union

Where would we be without unions?? Without strong unions we’d still be on starvation wages with no health and safety. All that matters is profit. Workers are there to exploit. But there is power in a union!!

As we look towards a winter of discontent there has rarely been more need for powerful unions!!

The country is in crisis! They always tell us there is no money for the nurses, the teachers, the carers and the rest – BUT THERE IS!! It’s merely a question of where you get it from.

Do you take it from the tens of billions excess profits made by the oil and energy companies (money that we paid for at the petrol pumps and with our lighting and heating) or do we take from the low-paid workers like the nurses? Who is more deserving – the wealthy investors or the nurses we banged pots and pans for not long ago?

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