Given Time

Given Time

We’ll all be friends again

                                                Given time!

Though cities flattened

                                                In unprecedented crime.

Things will change

                                                Without sense or rhyme.

Cities restored

                                                In softer clime.

Once again

                                                All things will chime.

It will have all been for nothing!

                                                Given time!!

Opher – 28.3.2022

While the politicians play their games of power using people as pawns. It’s a game where lives are just statistics. Trillions of dollars are spent killing and destroying.

For spurious reasons the politicians ruin lives.

The people are caught in the middle, manipulated, exploited and lied to.

It’s all about power and wealth though they try to convince you that it’s really about safety.

So Putin kills to liberate in an Orwellian doublethink. He’d have the Russian population believe that it is necessary as there is an existential threat.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had one world without the stink of war and all that money could be spent on education, solving poverty, art and recreation.

I went to visit Vietnam and Cambodia recently. It clearly demonstrated to me the sheer stupidity of war – a devourer of huge resources and creator of trauma.

It’s time for the UN to step in and arrest all the leaders who resort to such barbaric evil practices.

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