The Liz Truss Plan for economic growth!

Give tens of billions to very rich people!

Tax cuts:

if you earn £20,000 you get a whacking £167 a year extra!

If you earn £200,000 you only get a mere £55,220 extra!

If you are on the bottom you get a 1% tax cut.

If you are at the top you receive a 5% tax cut.

Then you remove corporation tax increases so that the companies raking in the huge profits don’t have to pay.

Then you remove the cap on the bankers so that they can get even more multimillion-pound bonuses.

Strangely, the markets agree with me. They think that giving all this money to the wealthy won’t work. They’ll just stuff it away in the Cayman Islands and say thank you very much.

We drove the bankers and firms away with Brexit. Now we’re trying to bribe them to come back. No chance.

The markets saw this hugely expensive gamble as completely reckless.

The pound has dived.

The cost of borrowing has shot up to 4X as much.

What a great Tory mess!! How much more damage are this extreme right-wing bunch of Tory nutcases going to cause?? The ERG is breaking this country out of their own racism, xenophobia and greed. Many of them re prospering at our expense!!

Oh – and I nearly forgot – Stamp Duty! Now who do you think that is going to benefit most??

The whole sham of fairness and levelling up has gone out the window! It always was a chimera, a con-trick.

What we now have is true Toryism!! They take from the poor and give to the rich!!

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