The Opher Plan for Economic Growth!

I have studied the economic situation in depth. One thing is quite clear. When you chuck away your trade with your major trading partners you are going to find yourself in economic hardship.

Putting obstacles in the way of trade is not good for trade.

Having to have extensive customs checks is expensive and causes delays.

Having tariffs is a barrier to trade and puts prices up.

Driving out cheap labour creates job shortages, skill shortages and leaves crops rotting in fields. That means higher prices, poorer services and a loss of revenue.

Not being part of a huge trading bloc means that many firms move away to be in that trading bloc.

Not being a gateway into Europe means that firms do not want to come here.

The financial centre has moved away from Britain.

Indeed all the economic nightmares that were talked about and written off as ‘Project Fear’ have all come true.

The Brexiteers who told lies about the enormous economic hit we would take just to get through their Tory Brexit were motivated by a hatred of Europe. They were prepared to take an enormous economic hit in order to break free.

I do not agree. I believe partnership is always better than competition.

So Truss and the same nasty bunch of ERG nutcases are having to gamble, to give tens of billions of our money to the wealthy, is a direct result of their disastrous Brexit deal.

Brexit has so far cost us more than we paid into the EU throughout the whole of our forty-year partnership. It has cost us a staggering 4% GDP growth.

Was that worth it? Was it hell!!!!!

So I have a plan to instantly produce growth that doesn’t involve giving tens of billions to the stinking rich.

I have a plan that would raise growth by more that the 2.5% Truss is hoping for (vainly).

It is a simple and straightforward plan.


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