Body Bags

Body Bags

Hundreds of body bags loaded onto planes;

                Billions of roubles explode;

Thousands of families tear apart their brains;

Psychotic masters unload.

Greed and power distort their world view

                As paranoia bites deep.

The dead are just numbers

                It won’t disturb their sleep.

Two million years of evolution

                And still we’re insane.

Five thousand years of civilisation

                Blown down the drain.

They sit inside their war room

                Plotting their games.

Throwing everlasting gloom

                As they stake their claims.

These are the madmen

                That we place in power –

Psychotic sad men

                Who turn the whole world sour!

As the body bags pile up

                We never seem to learn.

Sipping from the devil’s cup

                We watch the world burn.

Opher – 26.2.2022

It’s our own fault. We support this warmongering system. We place these narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths in place. We demand action. We like ‘strong men’. We see things in black and white. We always think it is good to be strong.

We have a love of fascism.

We elect he likes of Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Johnson.

We like violence.

It’s time we really became civilised and stopped being primitive apes. It’s time we elected sane people!!

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