Following Orders

Following Orders

Just following orders

In their crisp uniforms.

For a career and a paycheque

They’d sell their vey souls.

Without mindless goons

Doing what they’re told,

Obeying all commands,

Carrying out their roles.

No tyrant can hold power,

No despot gain control,

No fascist power

Can ever reach its goal.

Just following orders.

Opher 29.1.2021

Everywhere I look around the world I see evil people and draconian laws being propped up by a bunch of faceless riot soldiers in helmets and body armour, clutching guns and batons, firing tear gas and water cannon, firing bullets, beating people senseless.

Everywhere I look they are dragging off bloodied protestors into trucks, into jails, into torture chambers and graves.

They put on their uniforms and lose their minds.

Fela Kuti called them zombies.

They are worse than that – I think they enjoy the power, the freedom to be brutal.

Every dictator is dependent on their armies of goons – just following orders.

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