The Last Days of Donny

The Last Days of Donny

The last days of Donny –

In the Alamo, under siege,

Still tweeting conspiracies

To those he would deceive.

In the fantasyland of Donny

The election was stolen.

He ranted and raved

And the seas of hate were swollen.

Now Donny calls on the militia

To storm the seats of power.

While muttering in his bunker,

Influence ebbing by the hour.

Now Donny’s hitting out –

Putting prisoners to death.

Locking more kids in cages.

More threats with every breath.

They are impeaching Donny now –

Shoving him out of office.

For the crime of insurrection

Impeachment won’t suffice.

They’re going to check his tax returns

And every dodgy deal.

Without the immunity of the presidency

The heat is getting real.

He owes seven hundred million bucks

And the banks are closing in.

Donny’s going to pay the price

For his lifetime of sin.

No more grabbing pussy

Or hanging out with Epstein.

The truth about his exploits

Have yet to be seen.

In the last days of Donny

The lizards are back in charge.

The Deep State has won.

Donny has been fired.

Opher – 14.1.2021

It all looks dire for Donny. They’re coming for him. His authority is melting away and his friends are jumping ship.

He’s split the Republican Party and brought shame on the USA. Now he’s going to pay.

The irony is that all those terrible jibes he made to Hilary were really about himself. He’s the crook who needs locking up!

He is the tax evader, the mafia connected crook, the sex offending playboy who hung around with paedophiles.

This conman pulled the wool over millions. He pretended to be the champion of the poor. He pretended to be a successful businessman.

We’ll see!!

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