Covid Blues

Covid Blues

The great ape skulks within his home

Talking to friends on his telephone

All alone.

His cousins live among the trees

Grooming each other as they please

Life at ease.

The Businessman is very pleased

Massive profits from PPEs

Life’s a breeze

The politician disagrees

He’s brought the country to its knees

Brain freeze.

Opher – 9.1.2021

I was out on my daily walk thinking about how Covid-19 has exacerbated the social situations of modern life. Isolation has shown how much we need people, the touch and physical presence. It has exposed how greedy and selfish some people are – willing to exploit the misery of others. It has shown the incompetence of populist, male, macho politicians as compared to their female counterparts.

Basically we’re just apes living in a concrete jungle, isolated and living on social media.

This isolation is sapping my energy.

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