Poetry – Questions Why

Questions Why

A seed never questions why

Germinates, grows,

Reaches for the sky,


Withers and dies,

But not

You or I.

Opher 17.5.2022

I often wonder if intelligence is all it’s cracked up to be. Does it make our life any better? Or does it merely mess everything up with questions and phoney answers.

Our intelligence has enabled us to build tools and weapons that are causing misery and destruction. How much better would it be to live wild?

Our imagination spawns a million questions and the answers we produce or often neither beneficial nor useful. We’ve created a myriad of religions that we are slave to. We’ve created gods, paradises and hells, all of which restricting, limiting and traps for life.

How much better it would be if we simply accepted our brief sojourn on this beautiful planet, lapped up the beauty, lived it to the full and filled our short time with love, enjoyment and appreciation.

If there was such a thing as Karma and Reincarnation (other human follies) – I would like to come back as a fragrant wisteria.

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