Poetry – Finger Lickin’

Finger Lickin’

Finger lickin’

                Photo clickin’

Sun worshippin’ crew.

                Lyin’ in the heat

Until the brains all stew.

Bodice rippin’

                Clothes strippin’

Blubber on display.

                Scoffin’ pints an’ chips

As the jigglin’ tattoos sway.

Sunglasses peekin’

                Sex seekin’

Out for a boozy lay.

                Partyin’ all night

Sizzlin’ by day.

Belly’s juttin’

                Body’s struttin’

Tryin’ to look so hard.

                They think they’re all Adonis’s

But are really tubs of lard.

Opher – 19.5.2022

I was going to call this ‘Package Holiday’ but changed my mind. I am always amazed by the mindless scenes that take place in front of my nose. It’s so basic.

There is a formula – flab, tattoos, skimpy costumes, lots of booze, sun and sex. This is called modern culture. I’m not sure it is culture. It’s more indulgence coupled with license.

I find it quite empty though I am sure that I can see the draw. What is it with these rolls of flab covered in tattoos?

It is obviously an indication of my age. I find it hard to glimpse a purpose.

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