How much of the Cost Of Living Crisis is due to Brexit???

A study shows that Brexit has cost us as much as Covid – a cool £250 billion.

It is currently costing us £800 million a week.

‘The Brexit column of the calculation starts with a 2020 Bloomberg Economics report that suggests the economic cost of Brexit would have top £200bn in lost revenues to UK companies, before it even happened, with the British economy by then 3% smaller than it otherwise would have been. 

In August 2020, an Institute for Government suggested in August 2020 that the UK government expected to have spent £8.1bn on preparing for Brexit by the end of the transition period, which ended in January 2020. That included £4.4bn that the National Audit Office suggested had already been spent by January 31 2020. 

And in November 2021, a report from the UK Trade Policy Observatory suggested that falling trade had cost UK businesses a further £43.5bn – divided between £32.5bn in imports and £11bn in exports. ‘

The Cost of Living Crisis has global reasons but is added to by our own stupidity!! We chose to make our economy smaller, waste tens of billions of pounds on unnecessary work, reduce our GDP by 2.5% and make every single one of us poorer!!

Of course, there are many out there who, for ideological reasons, think that making us a lot poorer was worth it! We have taken control back from the joint control we had in Europe and given it to a bunch of incompetent, selfish, greedy Tory nincompoops!!

Make Britain Great Again!! Vote for Fascists!!!

Then we’ve got the break-up of the UK to consider and the return of violence to Ireland – all of which Johnson repeatedly lied about!!

He told us about wonderful oven-ready trade deals, huge benefits, a global Britain, no border problems in Ireland and this wonderful deal that he and his bunch of extreme nationalists had cooked up!!

It all worked – it got him elected!! What does he care!!

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