Poetry – Birth


Genocide, larceny and slavery

The founding of a nation.

The red man and the black man

Exploitation, extermination.

Looking for a new life

Full of arrogant superiority.

With guns, whips and slipknots,

Possessing wealth the priority.

Born through rites of murder

And heartless cruelty;

Hypocrisy and fear;

Evading all penalty.

Hundreds of years have passed

But the attitude persists.

Throttling the very necks

Of anyone who resists.

Time to put it right

To make positive what might be.

To respect each other –

With a new era of equality.

Opher – 3.5.2020

The systems we have created are simply not functioning for the majority of people. There is far too much poverty around the world, far too much discrimination and exploitation.

A small elite have extreme wealth and control politics and governments. They buy politicians. They buy elections. They tilt everything their way and leave huge poverty and division in their wake.

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