Poetry – Fake News!! Fake news!!

Fake News!! Fake news!!

Truth! There is no truth!

Just lies from every politician’s mouth!

Just propaganda from every website!

Fake news!! Fake News!!

Manipulated and betrayed

Lied to and used

Treated like fools

Fake news!! Fake News!!

And the world goes to ruin

In a chop and a dig.

And the creatures are murdered

With a spray and a slash.

And the climate heats up

With a flame and a roar.

As the truth went out the door!

Opher – 27.10.2018

It is the sadness of the post-truth society that the poor can be left to be exploited and the environment destroyed. All reports of the scandals are fake. There is no war, no starvation, no overpopulation, no global warming, no species extinction.

It’s all fake news.

Behind it the politicians and business people prosper. They can carry out their operations with impunity.

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