Poetry – They Haven’t Done their Job!

They Haven’t Done their Job!

‘Working day and night,’

They told us.

‘Tons of PPE.’

‘Straining every sinew,’

We are informed,

‘Testing you and me.’

Yet nurses risk their lives

Without the proper kit.

Untested and unsupported,

Covid came and they dealt with it.

Where was all the planning?

Where were the stockpiles?

Why should frontline workers

For testing travel miles?

There’s a deception – a cover up!

They’ve not done their job!

The death toll is astronomic!

What a useless mob!

Opher – 29.4.2020

These are the jokers that ran down the NHS for ten years, that drove doctors and nurses away in tens of thousands because of their hostile environment, who ignored the warnings of their own committees to stockpile equipment, who, for ideological reasons, refused aid from Europe, who ignored what was going on abroad, who ignored WHO warnings, who were complacent at the beginning and did not use testing and follow up to contain, who sacrificed the Care Homes, who hid behind ‘scientific advice’, who tried the folly of ‘herd immunity’, who were slow to lockdown, who have let it get out of control, who have the worst record in Europe!

They were arrogant, inept, complacent and did not do their job properly! All they had in their heads was Brexit!!


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