Poetry – A Time to Reassess

A Time to Reassess

A time of reflection;

                Space to reassess,

As nature provides us with the room

To see what we have done.

A time to stay in,

                To avoid our friends,

To change all our habits,

And pause from having fun.

Out the other side

                It will not be the same

But will we change?

Or will nature be overrun?

Chasing the money

                Stashing the cash

Is there a better way?

Or is this just the dry run?

Opher – 26.4.2020

Gaia or chance. It matters little. We have been provided with a window of opportunity, a breathing space, time to take stock.

We can look back at what we have done and assess it. Is the life we are living worthwhile? Or is there something better that we can do?

The world is in a mess. The systems we humans have set up are skewed. Some get far too much and many far too little. Our numbers are too many. Our impact on the planet is far too great.

It’s time we weighed it up.

There is a spiritual/emotional/creative element to life that I believe we are not developing properly. We are the hollow people. We are creating a hollow world. It is time to reassess.

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