Ukraine – If they can’t win by fair means!!

Outfought by the Ukrainians, bogged-down, picked off, shot down, humiliated and demoralised. All that Putin has is the atrocious tactics of pounding civilians with artillery and missiles in this reprehensible war.

What next?? Chemical weapons?? Nuclear??

Putin needs to be put in a dock before the whole world and convicted for these terrible war crimes!!

6 thoughts on “Ukraine – If they can’t win by fair means!!

  1. Well Opher, that’s what political states do. “War is the health of the state” (Randolph Bourne).

    Putin does indeed deserve everything Milosevic got, and more. But someone has to get him out of power first.

      1. Indeed so. This war may well be the “beginning of the end” for the state. But that doesn’t help the Ukrainians who are “under the cosh” right now.

  2. Ceasefire, yes. But is a compromise or deal workable? The only “deal” I can see is to divide Ukraine down the middle. Ethnic Russians go one way, ethnic Ukrainians the other. But that would be giving Putin what he wanted – or half of it, at least. So, the aggressor gets rewarded? No Ukrainian would accept that as “business as usual.”

    1. I don’t think it’s down the middle is it, Neil. The Crimea and two states make up a very small segment. I’m not condoning that but it would be a compromise that would stop this slaughter. On the other hand, properly equipped with ground to air missiles perhaps Ukraine is confident it can kick the Russians out? On the other hand, Russia could escalate with chemical or nuclear. Putin is desperate!!

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