Johnson and Patel – Not so Pretty!!

The only surge (as promised by Johnson – three guys with a table, a box of kit-kats and a box of crisps in Calais) is a queue of desperate Ukrainians thousands long being misdirected and held up by this loathsome government. The hostile environment created by Priti Patel sums up this small-minded nastiness.

Brexit means selfishness and racism to these people!! Mean-minded runaround.

As usual Johnson says one thing and does another!! LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!

4 thoughts on “Johnson and Patel – Not so Pretty!!

  1. Opher – The application of U.K’s Visa restrictions is designed to constrict the flow of refugees from Ukraine. When desperate people need urgent help and assistance the U.K Tory government extend their repugnant xenophobic ideology to these traumatized people and make it as hard as possible to find safe haven. Attempts to explain away their callousness are not believed by anyone in the U.K whatsoever. What people do understand is that the U.K Tories are without either compassion, kindness or class and remain completely out of step with public sentiment and opinion. Patel’s woeful incompetence and needless cruelty is willful and by design. It’s what she is employed by the Tories to do. Shameless, shocking, inexcusable.

    Dig a little deeper and an idea of one possible truth emerges: Boris Johnson is scared of retaliation by Putin. The U.K have been under threat since imposing sanctions on a handful of choice Oligarchs and banks – as have all EU and NATO members aligning themselves with the sanctions regime, including fellow nuclear powers, the U.S, and France – but the U.K Tory P.M is the only politician who has expressed concerns over their safety and used it as an excuse not to waiver visa requirements for refugees. The impression we are left with is that BoJo is afraid of Putin: cowering in metaphorical fridges is BoJo’s MO. He’s certainly no Churchill, more church mouse! Meantime in Kyiv facing Russian guns and violent overthrow, Zelenskiy, unafraid, proud, determined, compassionate, rises like a man-mountain to lead his country in the most brutal of times. We should be utterly ashamed in the U.K to have a P.M of such low fibre and moral standing. (This BoJo quote is from the Guardian)

    ‘We know how unscrupulous Putin can be in his methods, it would not be right to expose this country to unnecessary security risk and we will not do it.’

    ‘We are going to be as generous as we can possibly be, but we must have checks.’

    Why does this awful U.K government need to be punched and prodded before it ever does the decent thing!?


    1. They have to be dragged screaming into doing anything nice because they are intrinsically selfish and nasty. All they think about is themselves.

  2. Seems the U.K Labour Party – once a powerhouse for upholding socialist values – under Starmer are not prepared either to go as far as the majority of EU nations in wavering Visa’s for Ukrainian refugees. (1)

    As usual, blue-rosette Starmer offers soundbite platitudes – even planning a trip out to Europe for a photo-op – but in reality his support for the Tories stance on not wavering Visa’s for Ukrainian refugees is defining of how right-wing the Labour Party now are.

    How far we’ve fallen as a nation. World-beating.


    (1) –

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