6 thoughts on “Russian control of the Tory Party.

  1. The Nasty Party’s defender of borders, Patel, is in Poland today – must be for a soundbite and photo-opportunity or something, because it can’t be for any other reason like accepting Ukrainian refugees fleeing destruction into the U.K with open arms and without restrictions.

    Seems the U.K Ministers are out in force today, whether doing the media rounds, or speaking from Poland, or Brussels (Truss). Seems to me they are all seeking to promote the delayed actions and possible intentions of the U.K government far too loudly – no doubt in defence, or as distraction, from them actually delaying sanctions. Meantime, whilst they spout hot air in defence of the indefensible, people are dying.

    Go Global Britain! What a pathetic excuse for a government!


  2. Just to add insult to injury…

    ‘The British immigration minister Kevin Foster has refused to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain the country’s response to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis.

    The home affairs committee has urged him to rethink “given the urgency of the situation”.

    In a statement, it said:

    Parliamentary under-secretary of state for immigration and future borders, Kevin Foster MP, has declined an invitation from the home affairs committee to give evidence on the UK’s response to the Ukraine refugee crisis.

    The committee had issued the invitation to understand what the UK was doing to provide support and refuge to people leaving Ukraine following the invasion by Russia. It is estimated that 1 million people have been displaced by the conflict.

    Given the urgency of the situation, the committee has asked the minister to reconsider.’

    It appears Foster is hiding – a trick learnt from BoJo – from scrutiny. Unable to defend the indefensible he’s taken to avoidance – the coward’s way out.

    The Tories should be utterly ashamed of themselves! Opposition parties should be calling them out for the shower they are!!


    (Quote taken from The Guardian Live news-feed.)

    1. Are the media going to shine a light on all this disgusting behaviour?? No!! It’ll probably get a mention and then be forgotten! Just like everything else. They own the media!!

      1. Are the opposition parties going to sound-off sufficiently loudly so the media have no choice but to report?? I doubt that too.


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