6 thoughts on “The Tory Party and The Russian Connection

  1. Opher – it’s become obvious to the world, whilst people die in Ukraine at the hands of a madman, the Tories remain somewhat divided from the united stand against removing Russian money underpinning Putin because they prioritize wealth (and Russian investment in the U.K), and power, over people’s lives. Clearly Putin is still pulling strings, and the Tories dance to the devil’s tune. At least the U.S are going for the jugular – including assets, and family members – but I sincerely doubt that would have been the case if Trump was at the helm. BoJo has been encouraged on all fronts by leaders of different parties to act fast and deal with the paperwork later, which seems to be the tactic employed elsewhere. But not BoJo and the money-centric Tories, they are delaying applying sanctions. (Just how much dirty, ill-gotten money have the Tories been donated by Oligarchs in the last ten years? Must be multi-millions.)

    Putin’s masterplan: meddle in elections, get Trump elected, have the U.S remove themselves from NATO. Get BoJo elected, destabilize the EU by funding Brexit, have his oligarchs buy up huge swathes of U.K industry, and expand influence in the U.K, then invade Ukraine under the pretext of pushing back on a perceived NATO power grab of the EU. Threaten the world with nuclear holocaust, expand the Russian empire, increase personal wealth.

    I see one of the GOP, Lynsey Graham (a stoic Trumper!) has called for Putin’s assassination. But not BoJo! He wants him alive to face trial, eventually. Trouble is, I can’t see Putin giving himself up without an apocalyptic fight, can you?

    Trump, Putin, BoJo, Lukashenko: four dark-horsemen of the Apocalypse??


    1. You summed it up there Dewin – The Tories put wealth and power far ahead of people!!
      I think this is a very dangerous time. Putin is in a corner. It could turn nuclear.

      1. I’m not sure what it would do to the whole biosphere. It would certainly wipe out Europe, Russia and the USA – though away from city centres I bet a lot of people would be OK. Then we’d have Canada, Australia, Asia, South America, Africa – Depending on prevailing winds………

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