The Rat

The Rat

Beware the Rat!

                Pushed into a corner

                                He flies for the jugular.

Putting aside

                All fear and reason

                                He blindly hits out.

When there is no escape route


                                Calls the tune.

When it is existential

                There are no limits

                                Reason dies.

Opher – 3.3.2022

Putin’s error in attacking Ukraine has produced an existential crisis. If he backs down he is lost. If he continues it is a disaster. He has no way out.

Putin is backed into a corner.

The Russian army is shelling a nuclear power station. Does it get much more insane??

Has World War Three already started?

Will nuclear missiles we the next irrational stupidity?

2 thoughts on “The Rat

  1. Your poem suggests at the way it is. The world is being threatened by Putin’s madness. The whole world condemns his actions, but is being forced to do so from a distance. One wrong move, one mispoken world, one veiled threat, perhaps that’s all it will take for Putin to do the unthinkable.

    In recent comments, U.S Secretary of State, Blinken, has condemned Putin’s atrocities, and suggested in the strongest terms that NATO will defend every inch of its territory. Thus a very clear marker has been set and a red-line drawn. Should Putin step over that line, the U.S will spearhead NATO’s defence. Quite how this would unfold is anyone’s guess!

    Putin is cornered, there is no way out for him, but the overarching question remains, what will Putin do next to ensure his agenda is fulfilled? How far will he go?

    Of consideration…at the end of Biden’s State of the Nation address, he went off-script, and said something about U.S armed forces and ‘go get him! (or possibly ‘go get them?)’ One wonders what this actually meant?

    Worrying times, scary days.


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