Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback (44 top ratings) – 5* Amazon Reviews – Thank You!!

So heartening to read such great reviews. Thank you! It is time Roy receives recognition for the incredible music he has produced throughout his career.

‘Excellent and enjoyable – thorough, detailed, super anecdotes and “eye witness”, and an easy and fun read. Written by a true fan’

‘Wonderful book written by a man who clearly has a deep love and understanding of Roys’ work and the passion really comes through here.’

Everything you need to know about Roy Harper recordings

‘A must for Harper fans

Should sit beside any serious reading of the music by Roy Harper.

‘A Great Read About a Wonderful Artist’

‘I have had a most enjoyable week reading Opher Goodwins’ book about Roy Harper’s songs while relistening to my own albums.’

‘As an added bonus – as such – the author details many of Roy’s live recordings and radio sessions, compilations unreleased tracks, guest appearances and rarities as well.’

‘there is entertainment alongside education’

‘I wholeheartedly recommend Opher’s book to other aficionados and to those with early-stage curiosity about the work of one of Britain’s major songwriters, free-thinkers and catalysts for change.’

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT REVIEWS!!! So glad you are all enjoying the book so much.

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