Poetry – Apes playing cellos

Apes playing cellos

Apes playing cellos,

Painting masterpieces,

Wondering about the stars.

Monkeys walking on two feet,

Asking questions,

Writing novels.

Chimpanzees who talk,

Laugh and cry,

And build bombs.

Gorillas who dance,

Love to kill

And control the world.

Primates who mastered science,

Enjoy sunsets

And dream of conquest.

Opher 19.4.2020

That’s all we are – overgrown apes!! Apes with inflated opinions of our own worth.

That small mutation that set us apart from the other chimps created a world of possibility. It enabled speech, writing, maths, science and art.

What a wonderful thing.

But it does not give us any greater worth than that of the other apes – our brothers and sisters.

We are all important.

Just because we are the meanest killers this planet has ever seen does not imbue us with greater worth.

We are intelligent apes.

Let us hope that we prove intelligent enough to solve the massive problems we are stupidly creating for ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Apes playing cellos

  1. Opher – Undoubtedly, our infantile moral and ethical intelligence brought us to the conclusion that human-kind has dominion over nature. How ignorant and wrong we were and still are.


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