A better political system that is truly democratic. Populism is the biggest disaster. The wealthy elite are running things.

I have voted in every election.

Never once has my vote counted for anything. I have always lived in safe seats with big majorities. I lived in London and Hull where Labour held sway with big majorities. I now live in East Yorkshire where the Tories have a massive majority.

The only votes that actually count are those in marginal seats where the seat can change hands. My vote counts for nothing and never has.

I continue to vote because it is a right that was well fought for. Blood was shed to gain my right to vote. It was a long battle. The wealthy elite of the establishment were terrified that once ordinary people gained the vote their privileged position would end. They feared that ordinary people would elect MPs who would create a fairer society.

That has not happened and, as far as I can see, has not happened anywhere else in the world. Strange really.

But then the wealthy elite contrive mechanisms to ensure that they stay in power. No political party can gain power if it threatens the position of the wealthy elite. They run things through propaganda, lobbying, finances, bribes and threats.

If a political party adopts an anti-establishment set of policies (such as plugging tax loopholes, nationalising institutions and a fairer tax system) they are vilified in the media and the propaganda machine runs into full gear. Finance is utilised. Threats are made. One only has to see what happened with Corbyn.

Parties that support the establishment are funded. Others are marginalised.

We presently have a two-horse race. The Tory party was formed by the wealthy to look after the wealthy. The Labour party was formed to look after the interests of working people – they probably represent the interests of 95% of the population. Such is the force of the propaganda machine and accompanying financial clout the only way the Labour party can gain power is if they adopt policies that support the establishment.

Ironic isn’t it?

The conclusion is that we cannot have democracy until:

Big business (finance and the establishment) is kept out of politics. We need a better way of financing political parties.

The media ceases to be a scaremongering propaganda tool of the establishment.

We have a mechanism to create a fair system where minority parties have a better chance of gaining power.

To this end, in order to achieve a proper democracy, I think we require the following things:

Some control of the media so that it is not controlled by the wealthy elite.

A form of proportional representation so that wherever you live your vote counts.

The removal of all private funding for political parties – some form of public funding is required.

An unbiased fact-checking body to alert when false claims are made or lies told.

Scrutiny of all politicians with full accountability. Any lies, deception or law-breaking is immediately acted on with draconian punishments.

Only when that happens will we have true democracy!!


I have lost all faith in referenda. I do not believe that the majority of the public have access to the necessary facts or are able to weigh up the complex issues necessary to make informed decisions. The public is too gullible and easily swayed by charismatic politicians feeding them lies, spinning the truth and deploying fear-laden conspiracy. Referenda give the same weight to the ignorant and stupid as the informed and intelligent. Representative democracy (electing people able to weigh up the intricacies of facts necessary for policies is the only way). Populism is a disaster.

There should be a way of preventing narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths from running for office. Perhaps all candidates should be subjected to psychological testing?

The trouble with all revolutions is that they merely replace the wealthy elite with a different wealthy elite.

The trouble with socialist/communist systems is that they get taken over by psychopath/sociopathic monsters (Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot) and become abhorrent tyrannies run by ruthless elites.

The same thing happens with right-wing fascist states (Hitler, Franco, Mussolini).

Right now we have a wave of extreme right-wing populism all of which are headed up by grifters, chances and liars who pump out lies and conspiracy, create fear and division, so that they can profit with huge power and wealth. Bolsonaro, Johnson and Trump are squirrelling away fortunes in some of the most sleazy, corrupt regimes we have ever seen.

Politics has let everyone down. It is time for a big overhaul before it erupts into civil wars.

4 thoughts on “A better political system that is truly democratic. Populism is the biggest disaster. The wealthy elite are running things.

  1. Opher – Agreed! Whilst the Earth continues to be turned on an axis of fool’s gold by those with an insidious propensity for personal wealth acquisition, there will be no change to the established systems of governance adopted by powerful nations. Democracy is dead. The illusion of democracy is dead. By design (to the detriment of the vast majority) governance has lost its way.

    The biggest impediment to social progress, to advancing our species towards a higher culture, is the established, never-ending politics of greed.


    1. I don’t know what the answer is. Until people in general reach a level of understanding and decide to do something better, like electing worthy people, we are stuck in a loop.

      1. And we, the vast majority, remain relatively powerless to break that never-ending loop.

        Expect further sustained attacks by the U.K Tory government aimed at restricting rights on voting.

        Sad, bad, times ahead.


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