I’m Positive!! Testing Positive For Covid – the symptoms.

I finally tested positive today.

I think I went down with it on Saturday. We had one of our grandson’s staying with us and I was feeling very rough, tired and muzzy. I took a test and it was negative. Liz tested positive on Monday. I tested again on Monday and that was negative.

I took it easy over the last four days. I’ve been feeling generally out of sorts. I think it was Tuesday that I really felt that I couldn’t be bothered. I sat around and read my new Stephen King book. I read for hours. It hasn’t affected my concentration.

Yesterday I spent the whole day sorting photos and applying captions.

Today I got up and have a strong positive test result. That is a full five days after getting the first symptoms.

Fortunately, we are both triple vaccinated so our symptoms are likely to be mild – and are.

My symptoms:

A headache, muzziness and sleepiness on Saturday.

Perked up on Sunday – just feeling tired.

Really unmotivated and couldn’t be asked on Monday and Tuesday.

Developed a little cough on Wednesday. Feel very congested as if I have a cold.

Last night my throat felt very dry, my stomach was a little acid and I had slight diarrhoea. I got up in the night to get a drink (unusual).

his morning I tested positive.

My mouth feels a little strange – a slight metallic taste and a feeling of overstimulation.

Very slight tightness around the eyes but no headache.

The odd sneeze, a little cough but not much.

I don’t feel particularly ill but am not 100%. Not feeling anywhere near as bad as last Saturday!!

I reported the positive test to the NHS – a series of questions on line.

I’m now officially a statistic!!!

I’m very grateful to have had the vaccinations – without that I think we might have been very ill. As it is, so far, this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience!!

10 thoughts on “I’m Positive!! Testing Positive For Covid – the symptoms.

    1. As a fully vaccinated person I’ve been in that state for a while. Covid is an inconvenience. The trouble is that immunity only lasts around 12 weeks. Your possible covid of two years ago is well past any use to you.

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