8 thoughts on “Come On Sue Gray!!!

  1. Opher – The rancid greased pig has been caught lying again to MP’s over his involvement in the evacuation of animals from Kabul in preference to human beings. That he’s been found out, yet again, has the narcissistic P.M claiming it is a media/Labour witch-hunt. Ignorant prick! I recall Trump making much the same claims as his world and ego disintegrates around him. Jail birds the pair of them.

    Like we’ve said on here before, Gray’s report is but the tip of a vast iceberg of dysfunction and lies emanating from No.10. But, the shit-show isn’t over even after the report is released. There will be insistence that whatever colour flag our government flies, it must drain the swamp of its reptiles, clean up its act, and set in place independent mechanisms with sufficient clout to hold P.M’s, Ministers, and senior officials to account. The U.K government is an embarrassment.

    I wonder if the Queen gets a copy of Gray’s report, and whether she can ask for the MET’s investigative report as well? If so, what action might she take behind close doors….after-all, it’s her parliament that is now the laughing stock of the entire world.

    Disappointed Gray’s report was not released this morning before PMQ’s. It would have given Starmer extra bite at the dispatch-box where he is all to often unable, or unwilling, to deliver knockout blows to a failing P.M flailing on the ropes. Maybe its because he’s a Tory lighhtweight, maybe its because he’s distracted purging his party of Left-wing members whilst welcoming defecting Tory politicians with right-wing views.

    Roll-on the release of Gray’s report.


    1. Are you suggesting that the Queen could have him locked up in the Tower. I like your thinking. And we know what happens to ‘princes’ in the Tower, don’t we?
      Hopefully Sue Gray’s report will be out tomorrow!!

      1. If there’s room for Carrie on Baking and the kids, then so much the better. The cat and dog can stay in No.10, perhaps even take up a seat in the Commons, or run for P.M. They’d get my vote ahead of any politician!


  2. Sue Gray is on a sticky wicket here. If she tells the truth, she becomes an enemy of the establishment. If not, she will before long become an enemy of the people.

      1. Now the police are trying to get in on the act. Maybe Johnson has activated another set of stooges in his efforts to whitewash the whole thing. But I’m with you and Dewin – I want to see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; at least as far as Sue Gray is able to provide it.

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