Have the Tories gone too far??

Well Johnson stood on the steps of Downing Street and told us that he had a plan for the care of the elderly.

He lied. He had no plan.

Now he has raised taxes and Notional Insurance to raise the capital for the NHS and Caring. In other words the poor will pay for it while the wealthy continue to shove their loot tax-free in the Cayman Islands.

Some plan.

Now energy prices are going through the roof. Brexit has caused price rises across the board. Interest rates are zooming. Petrol is way up. How can poor people manage??

Will all those silly people who voted Tory realise what fools they were???

Tories only represent their own. Tax cuts for the rich. Cuts for public services and the poor.

2 thoughts on “Have the Tories gone too far??

  1. Opher – BoJo is a pathological liar, contemptuous of the electorate whom he plays as fools. The 43% who voted for this disheveled falsifier and his shower into power have much to answer for.

    This morning it is revealed that the Tories have dismissed a call by Labour for a windfall tax on energy companies, to help offset the rising costs of utilities, because [the energy companies] are ‘struggling.’ This in addition to Gove signalling that getting rid of VAT on fuel would be a mistake because it would be better to target help for those most in need (with other measures). This reneges on a promise made in 2016 to cut VAT on fuel once the U.K had left the EU. Evidently, the nasty party lied, have always lied, and always will lie. Their priority is wealth over health.


    1. Lying is what this government do!! They do it so often you can’t trust a word they say. They also target the poor and public services and give to the rich. It’s so blatant it’s a wonder they get away with it!! I think they are despicable.
      Much though I dislike the watered-down Tory policies of Starmer he is far and away preferable to this profiteering mob!!

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