Poetry – Half a Brain

Half a Brain

We’re all born with half a brain.

The other half grows with love and care.

We neglect it at our peril.

Stunted brains may rip and tear.

All brain cells are nurtured

With cuddles, songs and laughs.

Every baby deserves a chance

With books, lullabies and crafts.

Neglecting our babies

Will stop their brains from growing,

Stifle their curiosity

So they won’t grow up knowing.

So many adults

Going round with half a brain.

For want of a little loving

Their life went down the drain.

Opher – 12.11.2019

Minds are fragile things. Without proper love, nutrition and care they develop badly. So many people are left emotionally crippled with lowered intelligence.

Every child deserves the best start in life.

We are all so fragile.

I think that is why we live in such a violent, destructive and greedy society.

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