Poetry -I mean you no harm

I mean you no harm

I don’t mean you any harm.

I’m just allured to your charm.

Who would have thought that such simplicity

Would resound through corridors of history.

Yet this simple act of great desire

Has set the whole world on fire.

Murder, rape, fashion, conquest and art

Have played host to this bit part.

The result of this simple game

Is that kingdoms rise and kingdoms wane

And men and women are driven insane.

For this simple act you see

Is tangled with intense complexity.

The right to choose and select

Is married to the need to respect

Resulting in women chained in veils

And the invention of sin and hells.

In order to ascertain paternity

We have created chastity.

Yet this simple act of biology,

Designed to mix genes in embryology

Is connected with such fervour and intrigue

That it dominates – for want of a little seed.

Some dedicate their whole lives

To this pursuit,

Risk their future,

Become destitute.

Some sell themselves

To abuse

And never glimpse

That golden goose.

All for the sake

Of a teaspoon

Of fluid.

Opher – 10.11.2019

Prince Andrew is finding this out. For the exchange of a little fluid careers are sacrificed, lives wrecked and history altered.

It sometimes seems to me that this act of love completely dominates our history.

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