Poetry – Broken


Broken politics

Broken nation

Broken people

By the station

How did we get to this situation?

Broken Politicians

Broken game

Broken everything

Such a shame

Whole country’s up in flame?

Broken partnership

Broken collaboration

Broken morals

Endless flagellation

Everything in disintegration.

Opher – 22.10.2019

Just three years ago it was all going so nicely. We had nearly eradicated racism. Fascism was just an ugly word from an ugly time long ago. The country was prosperous. We had great partnerships and collaboration. We were defeating ISIS and virtually eradicated Muslim fundamentalism. All we had to do was solve the mass migration crisis.

Then Cameron decided he wanted to get re-elected and offered the referendum in order to pacify the nationalist lunatics (who are now running the country).

Now it is all broken!

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