11 thoughts on “Angkor Wat shrouded in the morning mist.

      1. Absolutely. So glad we chose to go there instead oh Phuket. I’m not a huge beach fan anyway, so we ended up going to Angkor Wat, and it was just simply breathtaking.

      2. Well, that’s a lot of time to spend in one spot that isn’t home or work for me LOL I love travelling, but I like going to different places. I don’t know if I could stay still that long. I was on a trip with my family, and the tour was taking a few days (I think 4) to stay in a big city, they gave us the afternoons and the evenings and nights to do whatever we wanted to, and we toured only in the morning. After we got back, my family and I took off to go see the city. Everyone else oddly stayed within a few blocks of the hotel every night. We purposely stayed away from the areas that we were going to be touring with the tour itself, and we saw the whole city by the afternoon of the second day. We told the tour guide that we would meet them in the next city, and despite the near heart attack that he had, we packed up, hopped a ferry and crossed into another country, and toured two other countries in the time that the tour stayed in that one city. We met them in the next city that they went to.

      3. I know it’s huge. I would have loved to spend more time there.

        The truth is, I’m so starved to travel again I want to be everywhere all at once. Once I was there, I could probably spend forever exploring there, but just thinking about staying in one place for a few months doesn’t tickle that part of me that wants to see everything all at once, if that makes sense..

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