Poetry – A Limerick for Cameron

A Limerick for Cameron

There was a public schoolboy of prosperity

Who lumbered us all with austerity.

For party not nation

To win an election

He left us Brexit for posterity.

In an attempt to throw raw meat to the rabid right wing of his party he chucked them Brexit. Instead of thinking it through, planning and putting together a campaign, he left it to chance.

It obviously should have required a sixty forty vote. There was no talk of the benefits; the peace dividend, the working conditions, workers’ rights, financial benefit, collaboration, science, car industry, environmental considerations, antiterrorist activity or a myriad other benefits. He just allowed the extremists to paint a picture of mass immigration, terrorism, Muslim extremists taking over, an EU superstate robbing us blind and Germany controlling us. A pack of lies.

He’s left us with a diminishing power, a buggered economy, huge costs and blithering Boris Johnson.

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