Poetry – Tories in Ruins

Tories in Ruins

The Tories are in ruins.

There’s nothing spreads like fear!

Their party is in tatters

The end is drawing near.

They’ll employ the court jester

To entertain the troops;

Counting that we really are

Only fools and dupes.

Today we instate our new PM,

A blundering shambling wreck

Whose populism and blustering –

An albatross around our neck.

Alan Duncan and his pooper scooper

Won’t be enough to move the muck

Cleaning up after Boris

Is going to need a big dump truck.

Opher – 23.7.2019

The extremists are taking over as the Tories lurch to the far-right. Fed by fascist Steve Bannon they are developing their populist ideology, promoting the rich, playing on our fears, creating division and using racism to achieve their aims.

They think Boris is popular. They are prepared to put up with his blundering, blustering and buffoonery; because they think he will win them an election. For some reason people find him amusing. They think the overgrown public schoolboy connects with working class people.

Are people really that stupid?

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