8 thoughts on “Global Warming!! The Jury is still out!! Ho Ho!!

  1. The jury is still very much out on this one, Opher. None of these cartoons proves a thing (except that Johnson is a hypocrite). It’s very disingenuous to suggest that there is “evidence” when there isn’t. Sounds to me as if the alarmist case is starting to break down big-time.

    1. I don’t know where you get that from Neil. I see the species creep here in Yorkshire. The glaciers, sea levels, droughts, excessive rainfalls and changes in weather do not lie. The temperature is rising. Record temperatures recorded. It’s all there. Even more concerning is the biodiversity. Extinction is final.

      1. You have glaciers in Yorkshire?

        As to species creep, I was in Wiltshire yesterday and saw red kites – don’t see many of those down south, they live more up in your part of the world. In fact I think it’s only the second or third time I’ve seen them.

        Seriously Opher, you really do need to start looking for specific evidence (or lack thereof), rather than just believing a load of hype that is deliberately designed to make people feel threatened and because of that demand “action.” You can see through the religious claptrap, so why can’t you see through this?

      2. It was cold enough for glaciers earlier this week Neil.
        Red kites are ubiquitous. They were very nearly extinct but have been making a come-back all over the country. They aren’t a northern species.
        What we are seeing up here are butterflies such as the Blues, hitherto only being southern.
        Is Greenland ice sheet melting?
        While much of the ice sheet remains intact, researchers from the University of Leeds Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling in Northern England found it is melting at an exceptional rate, increasing 21% in the past 40 years.
        A melt of that ice-sheet would increase sea levels by 9 inches.
        Glaciers are melting faster, losing 31 percent more snow and ice per year than they did 15 years earlier, according to three-dimensional satellite measurements of all the world’s mountain glaciers. Scientists blame human-caused climate change. … Half the world’s glacial loss is coming from the United States and Canada.
        Satelite imagery, measurements, recorded temperatures. All the evidence is there. You would rather believe that group of scientists employed by the petrochemical industry, coal, oil, gas, who have a vested interest. That’s what they tried to do with tobacco.
        I fear you’ve attached yourself to a conspiracy mindset.
        Global warming would be catastrophic. Not only rising sea levels, increased desertification, bushfires and droughts, but floods, storms and a range of catastrophes. It would result in starvation and mass migration. Great areas uninhabitable. The effect on animal and plant populations is even worse.
        Smell the coffee Neil! It’s already happening.
        Islands are already being swallowed up – https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2017/09/09/new-study-finds-8-islands-swallowed-by-rising-sea-level/?sh=381f94ad5283
        It’s real.

      1. Opher, most of the slides give the data sources they came from. Quite a few of them are interactive searches from Our World in Data. Some (e.g. #4) give links or journal references to scientific papers. The US ones mostly come from US government sources like NOAA or EPA. The source for #20 is https://inconvenientfacts.xyz/blog/f/mass-extinction-lie-exposed-life-is-thriving. The presentation as a whole was put together by one of the directors of the Association of British Drivers.

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