Poetry – A dose of Affluenza

A dose of Affluenza

We got a dose of affluenza.

We’re sick to the core.

Every time I see the stock market,

It makes me feel quite sore.

The country’s getting richer

But nothing comes our way.

It all ends up at the top,

But never in my pay.

I pay my taxes

While they stuff it all off-shore.

We’re giving to the rich

And taking from the poor!

This bloody affluenza

Is making us all ill.

We’ve lost all our compassion

Like pigs guzzling swill.

I need a vaccination

To cure me of this disease.

This lack of trickle down

Has brought me to my knees.

It seems that no-one matters

Unless they’re stinking rich.

We just make up the numbers

Ain’t life a stinking bitch?

We need a panacea

To cure us from this schism.

I have just the remedy –

A good dose of socialism!

Opher – 19.4.2019

I don’t envy the rich. I despise them. I don’t aspire to their lifestyles. I just want something fairer.

Long ago, when I was a very young man, I realised that the dream of chasing wealth and status was a phony game. It was empty. I wanted to chase knowledge, fulfilment, experience and pleasure. I wanted my life full of a richness that money cannot buy.

I’m glad I made that choice.

But now, as I look at what is happening, I despair.

My life is good. I have largely achieved what I set out to do. But the society I live in has become much worse. The affluent have set us down a road of continual growth resulting in huge destruction of nature. They have greedily grabbed everything they can regardless of the consequences for people or nature.

The affluent are causing huge poverty, inequality and damage.

We need to put it right. We need to find a better way of living. Money and status are phony principles to base a life on. Give me knowledge, experience, fulfilment and fun any day. Money can’t buy love and it can’t buy back time.

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