The Corona Diaries – Day 552

It was a bit cooler today. I’ve got a shirt and jumper on. I went for a walk up my hill in sunshine though!! It clouded over this afternoon – looks like rain.

On the way down we saw a red kite being mobbed by a single crow. The red kite made off making calls every few seconds. I think she felt it was extremely undignified and was most put out. The crow sat on a branch and watched her go. Quite a performance.

I’ve been mowing grass and in a minute I’m going to change a bunch of LED lights that have blown in my study. It’s quite dim in here. I’ve got 4 racks of four and out of the 16 9 have gone. So much for LEDs lasting longer. I reckon these are cheap Chinese bulbs!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the prophesies are all coming to fruition. It is incredibly how stupid and brazen these ERG idiots are and have been.

Back in 2019 (under the May government) they brought in a report, called The Yellowhammer Report, on the likely outcomes from a hard Brexit. It went through all the things that are currently happening – all of them and more (we still have to experience the impact of many of the detrimental effects). It said about the rising prices, energy, transport, food shortages, inflation, tax rises, delays, costs, tariffs, problems with Irish borders. It also noted that this would impact most on all the poorest members of society and was likely to result in great social unrest.

The report was meant to be top secret but was so horrendous that some public-spirited person leaked it.

Despite this the ERG led by our resident clown opted to go ahead with a hard Brexit and forced it through.

There is no excuse. They knew what the results would be. It was spelt out! They cannot pretend this was all unexpected.

They either did not believe their own report or were not bothered!! They were going to make enough out of it, or were so nationalistic, that they did not care what the impact was!

They went on lying to the public about the wonderful uplands to come when they knew how bad it was going to be and who would end up paying for it!! That is immoral.

They are now trying to pretend that these things are not the result of Brexit at all and that nobody could have seen it coming.


They knew it would happen; they saw it coming and they just did not care.

They didn’t even try to solve the problems. They just allowed it to happen.

They really are so arrogant that they really do not care what impact it has on ordinary people!! They have even allowed for major public anger and protest!!

A hard Brexit has made this country much poorer and will hammer the poor! Fact!!

So the number going down with Covid is rising to 37,910 with another 40 deaths. The low number of deaths demonstrates that the vaccine is working!! That’s good news.

Bad news for antivaxxers – they are the ones clogging hospitals.

There are a few worries – the rate in Wales is currently twice as high as in England and 10% of schoolkids are displaying signs of long covid. Nobody knows what the long-term effect of catching Covid is going to be.

However, the kids are smart. They are ignoring all the conspiracy nonsense and the propaganda from nutty antivaxxers and are going to get vaccinated.

I always said that the future of the world will be in much safer hands; the kids are much wiser than the adults!!

Stay safe!! One day the kids will rule!!

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