Sex and the Taliban

It looks and sounds to me as if a big part of the Taliban motivation is sex.

Young men are buying in to the whole vision on offer. They are being offered ‘wives’ and sex slaves now with the promise of an endless supply of virgins for eternity. It’s all sex sex sex.

Looking at the pictures of the young Taliban fighters posing with their robes, headbands, beards and long hair appears very much like a love-in from a 60’s festival. The Kalashnikovs add that extra machismo. They are full of it. I am sure they appeal to a certain kind of girl. They have a kind of Che Guevara handsome charm – the daring, adventuring rebels

Too bad that the reality is one of extreme religious fanaticism, cruel violence and misogyny.

It was sickening to hear the fighters saying they will be forcibly taking young girls as ‘wives’ and hearing that they are talking about girls as young as twelve. Is paedophilia a hallmark of religious fanaticism?

It’s a very fucked up doctrine being sold here.

In a sexually repressed society where women are either invisible (locked away indoors) or dressed from head to foot in voluminous gowns and veils so that you don’t know if they’re fourteen or ninety; where women are unavailable; second-class ‘goods’ to be bartered, it creates a distorted sexuality.

Is sexual frustration the basis of the Taliban?

It is often the case (as seen with the preachers in the USA) that devout religious fanaticism goes hand in hand with extreme sexual perversion and excess. One only has to look at the likes of Jimmy Swaggart.

One can clearly see why the Taliban wouldn’t want women being educated or having responsible jobs. They might become too independent, too challenging; they might just start to question the strict Taliban philosophy and demand rights. They couldn’t be having that now could they! No. Much better to keep the women under their thumb, subservient and docile. Better to keep them as chattels to ‘use’ as they want.

Hence the misogyny, the violence, the demands for them to follow strict codes and be shackled. They don’t want equality; they want dominance!

They want women for sex – nothing more!

To a young man from a sexually repressed culture the idea of sex on tap and sex after death forever sounds like heaven.

There’s nothing fair, just or rational about it. As long as you keep empathy and compassion out of the equation it’s fine. Taliban culture is about self – nothing more!

The Taliban come from a culture of misogyny, repression and male dominance – and that’s just how they intend to keep it!

The Taliban equates with sex. That’s how it looks to me!

9 thoughts on “Sex and the Taliban

  1. well consider all the burkas and dress shit is about preventing sex. if you see eyes, hair anything, you’ll want to fuck that woman. the woman can’t resist a man wanting to fuck her. It’s problematic and circular, it’s their “faith.”

  2. Its not the Islamic faith or Christian faith that’s the problem, it is the religious leaders and misogyny and the chauvenistic male pride thats the problem. Men thinking they are God and they can control women and do whatever they wish with them.

    1. It is very true that various leaders, seeking power and wealth, have misused religion for their own ends. But I would still contend that these religions have originated in repressive misogynistic cultures and those values are inherent in the teachings. These patriarchal religions are inherently misogynistic.

  3. I think this may be an important undercurrent but power and wealth is the key. They will probably be given the houses of the ones who have had to flee plus any who are left. They also persecute other minorities. I worked with Sikh afghanis whose families faced violence.

    1. It is quite shocking to see these base desires wrapped in a transparent sheath of fanatical religion. The very worst of human nature in all respects.

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