6 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie on Extinction Rebellion

  1. ‘Mother Nature on the run/ in the 1970s’ Neil Young, Harvest 1972.
    “What have they done to our world?/ What have they done to our fair system….” The Doors, 1967

  2. Wow . Michael I was going to say Earths has been around longer then us 4.5 billion yrs. Our beautiful Earth will cleanse it’s self. Besides look at the space weather it’s happening on Mars it’s moons. So the weather might from the plant that comes around solar system every 3,600 yrs be well. Stay safe

    1. It will cleanse itself. Evolution will bring about another set of life. Maybe they’ll even be intelligence. What’s this space weather??

      1. Yes sorry my niece passed away. Cancer she was terminal, it is sad. Her baby was born in April.
        God is Love

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