Without Blades – A short film based on my poem Rebellion Extinction.

I thought this should be aired again. I thought they did such a great job and Extinction Rebellion are active right now! They need supporting!

Opher's World

I was very humbled to find that a group of students had used one of my poems – Extinction Rebellion – to create a powerful short film.

Thank you Alex Galkowski, Nicola Stockdale, Nathan Wong and Iago de Parla – with thanks to Meegan Worcester, Freya Dohrn Ellefsen and Ethan Bishop.

Let us all hope that it helps a little to put the environment top of the agenda. We’re fighting for our planet.

Thank you guys – you’ve done me proud!

Extinction Rebellion


The world is in a mess.

That’s not hard to see.

The plunder and the rape

Is killing bird and tree.

But there’s a rebellion against this extinction

Carried out with distinction.

Superglued to trains and building barricades

They’re fighting without blades.

They are fighting for the future

They are making a huge din.

They’re trying to wake us up

To what is happening.

For profit…

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