The Corona Diaries – Day 514

It was promising rain so we set off to Hull to look at fish trails and museums. We discovered it was Kraken day for some obscure reason. There were tentacles coming out of many buildings – I thought it was the Trumpists trying to get at people with their ‘Don’t believe in Science – Antivaxxer messages’. But it wasn’t!

We watched a play about the Kraken that did seem to glorify whaling a little too much for my liking – whaling being a very sad, cruel part of our history.

The museums were good. Hull was great. We had lunch in the market where there was a choice of ethnic foods – how times have changed!!

We’re still entertaining grandchildren!! I’ve played so many games of Candy Land that I’ve ceased to care!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, a small bunch of antivaxxer protestors were marching down the street with a banner. I had to stop and ridicule them. Morons. They were standing up for the right to disbelieve science, get the virus and die. Idiots. I wonder if there were bunches of loonies marching along in favour of rats during the plague years, or those demanding the right to catch smallpox!!

What has gone wrong with people? We have a deadly pandemic and they are refusing something that will give them protection. It’s similar to people refusing a bullet-proof vest while soldiers are taking pot-shoots at them.

There is no accounting for stupidity!!

I bet there were people in past times riding into battle without armour because the health risks of wearing metal had not been fully investigated.


Afghan is in turmoil but Raab has a nice tan courtesy of some unknown donor (who will no doubt be receiving a lucrative multimillion pound contract in the near future)? As interpreters are hunted down, tortured and beheaded he can at least look back on a week well spent!

As the levels rise to 37,314 new cases yesterday with another 114 deaths we have no reason to be complacent. Levels of the virus are actually 30 times higher than they were at this time last year and that led to an horrendous second wave that killed thousands.

The vaccines aren’t a complete protection. It’s effectiveness wanes quite rapidly. We shall need regular boosters. Though it is true that T-cells and B-cells will continue to provide protection after the antibody levels have dropped. They may not prevent you becoming quite ill but should prevent death!!

In Australia the imported Indian variant is causing problems with 886 new cases and an epicentre in Sydney. They went into l0ockdown to prevent it taking hold. It has sparked protests. People demand the right to catch the disease, spread it and die! People are such fools!!

So stay safe!! You may die anyway!!

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