Poetry – All down the drain

All down the drain

They say things cannot be worse

But I say they can.

Look around the world!

We are the 5th largest economy

Aspiring to be the 10th.

We’re putting holes in our own buckets

To watch the cash leak away.

Cash for school.

            Cash for hospitals.

                        Cash for police.

Cash for councils.

All down the drain.

Opher 29.11.2018

The major problem with the country is that the wealth is all being siphoned off to the top end with their multimillion pound bonuses.

We are taking from the poor, from the public services, to give to the rich.

But matters are made worse when we deliberately do things that worsen the economy – particularly when there is no need.

But then we no longer believe what any of the experts say, do we?

They said it would all go pear-shaped after the referendum. Errr – it did. The pound dived (down 15%) making things more expensive, the economy has performed the worst in Europe and austerity rules.

Brexit is a self-inflicted wound.

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