2 thoughts on “Paul Delaney speaking the truth.

  1. The real victims are those who, like me, didn’t vote for any of the main political parties – because we can’t stomach any of them. I’d only vote in an election if there was someone worth voting for.

    But the deeper problem in Delaney’s argument is that there’s no such thing as “a people.” There are only people – that is, persons. That means that “democracy,” which is based on the assumption (among others) that everyone who lives in a geographical area is part of the same culture and wants the same things, can never work.

    1. There is certainly something very wrong with this system Neil. I have never had a vote that counts (I’ve either lived in a strong Tory or Labour area). We desperately need a proportional representation. That way all our votes will count and minority groups will be elected. It would result in coalitions which would temper excesses. I like people working together.
      I agree – we are not all the same people. I have always been a minority.
      This is a two-horse race.
      The Tories are absolutely deplorable. Labour represent something fairer. I vote for fairness. I do not enjoy being ruled by wealthy people who always favour themselves and create austerity for everyone else!!

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