Poetry – Don’t Ratify the Deal

It has cost us £130 billion to make the country divided, full of hate and empower racists. Think what could have been done with £130 billion!!

Don’t Ratify the Deal

Promises and lies.

Exaggerations and fears.

All guaranteed to end in tears.

Led down the garden path.

They must be having a laugh.

Democracy is all about voting.

With Brexiteers out there gloating.

They don’t care if it makes us poor.

Ideology and tribalism at their core.

Now we know what it’s all about

We need another vote without a doubt.

But though they yell about democracy.

That doesn’t seem to count for you and me.

‘We’ve had the vote!’ they shout.

‘We’re bloody going out!!’

‘But they lied. We hadn’t a clue.’

‘Shut the fuck up you Remoaner crew!’

Opher 18.11.2018

All rational thought has gone out of the window. It’s all emotion and tribal.

The country is divided.

Ad hominem rules.

Nastiness is unleashed.

Name-calling and tribalism clouds discussion.

Nobody is looking at whether this is good for the country.

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